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The Top 5 Best Smelling Spring Flowers


There’s no fragrance that beats the naturally sweet smell of spring flowers. Many people plant flowers in their gardens for the visual delight, but there’s quite the case to be made for pleasing your olfactory senses too. And there’s no better time than spring to cultivate some truly wonderful scents in your backyard. Here’s a list of spring flowers that will leave your place smelling like your own personal Eden.

1)   Frangipani

Let’s start with the exotic frangipani. While this list is all about scents, we’d be remiss not to touch upon the flower’s beauty, with gentle white, red, pink or yellow petals and a gold center. You’ve probably seen them being used in Hawaiian lei garlands. The smell is very conspicuously tropical, and develops in intensity as the day draws to a close.

Of course, caring for these blossoms in less tropical climates can be a difficult task. However, you might find the effort worth it simply to spend your evenings on the porch, breathing in the spicy fragrance. Do be careful, however: the sap of the flowers is poisonous and can cause skin irritation.

2)   Hyacinth “City of Haarlem”

While white is the traditional color of hyacinths, this particular variety is a beautiful soft yellow in color.

The smell, however, is the same sweet fragrance that you must be accustomed to. Their inclusion in your garden would make for a colorful and pleasant smelling experience.



3)   Wisteria

A common flower to the south of the USA, wisteria is near synonymous with springtime. The flowers tend to be large in size and either purple or white in shade. Wisteria’s an easy flower to plant and cultivate, and can be grown horizontally on the ground, on walls and on a trellis.

The size and wildness of the flowers belie their fragrance: it’s surprisingly delicate and gentle on the nose.


4)   Gardenia

The heady fragrance of the evergreen gardenia comes into full bloom in the early days of summer. So gorgeous is its smell that some chic perfumers have taken inspiration from it.

Gardenias are another species that will need constant gardening work, since they require frequent watering and rich soil. They’re also vulnerable to attack by insects like aphids. However, the fragrance is heavy enough to fill your whole garden, so it’s well worth the investment.


5)    Jasmines

The humble looking jasmine flower has captured the hearts of the entire world thanks to its intoxicatingly sweet aroma. Each tiny petal contains a wealth of rich and sweet scents. No wonder then that it’s so regularly used in aroma-therapeutic oils as well as perfumes. It also features heavily in traditional ittar perfumes in Middle Eastern and South Asian regions.


While the white flowers are native to tropical regions and warm countries like Iran, it’s quite easy to source and plant in your own gardens. The delicate flowers also make for some beautifully scented bracelets, as Indian and South Asian women can readily attest to. 





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