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The Real Skills You Should Look for in a Florist


Like plumbers and electricians, we don’t need the expertise of professional florists very often. Their services are usually required when we are in need of the decoration of momentous and worth-remembering events. Due to fewer interactions, many people don’t know how to assess the services of a florist. Moreover, the significance of the occasion also makes picking the right person for the job tricky for most people. In this piece, we will discuss the skills that anyone should look for in a florist before hiring one for the job.

Artistic Disposition

A florist is not a technician but a skilled artist. It is important that they also consider themselves as one. The artistic flourishes of a florist can be easily found in their previous works. But does that mean every florist should be an artist? There are two factors that indicate that a florist possesses artistic flair.

  • They understand color combinations and variations.  After all, flowers are primarily valued for adding color to any decoration. Give the same flowers to an amateur and a florist; you’ll be able to witness first-hand how different the resulting decorations will be. The one made by the florist would be the most desirable hands-down.
  • Apart from colors, an artistic florist also aces the decorations with design elements. Their creative abilities cultivate unique yet aesthetically pleasing decoration designs.

In short, any florist with an inherent understanding of colors and design can be termed as a master of their domain.

Complete Floral knowledge

A good florist is not just about artistry and vision. It is equally important for him to possess complete knowledge of the flower he uses. He should know the history, themes, and folklore associated with the different flowers. Moreover, he must be trained to maintain the freshness of flowers for long durations. Some flowers require unique maintenance treatment and a florist should be aware of them. Otherwise, they would fail to assure its freshness for a prolonged time period despite pulling off a great decoration.

Master of Handcrafting

Machines have taken over many manual tasks. However, floral decorations might be one of the only few jobs that still require careful handcrafting. Any good flower decoration has a lot to do with the manual crafting skills of the florist. So, make sure that the florist you are going to pick has mastered the art of handcrafting. At the end of the day, handcrafting skills differentiate a non-florist from a florist.

Communication Skills

Florists don’t just sell the designs and themes, but they also have to convey all the information to the client to make them understand the concept of any decoration. Moreover, they must have the ability to discern the client’s brief. He must know what questions to ask to get the gist of clients’ requirements. For that matter, a florist must possess good communication skills as well.

By vetting a florist for these skills, you can pick an expert that can help you with all different types of floral arrangements.