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The Best Flowers to Buy in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October has been acknowledged as Breast Cancer Awareness Month for 20 years. The whole month is dedicated to educate women more about the risks of breast cancer and why regular inspections and early detections are important. Therefore, this time of the year has become very significant to honor survivors and victims of breast cancer, and to spread the awareness. Flowers are a cordial way to show your support for the cause and to underline your care and support for women in a beautiful way.

How can Flowers be Used to Honor the Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

The color ‘pink’ is associated with breast cancer awareness. For that reason, blossoms in pink shades are the most fitting choice to be used for awareness, acknowledgment and support regarding the disease.

  • Pink flowers in different floral arrangements can be a good option of showing your support to patients and survivors of breast cancer
  • Greeting people associated with the cause in healthcare industry to acknowledge their services
  • Pink flowers in this month can also be used to remind your loved ones about the significance of early detection of breast cancer

There are some floral options suitable for the occasion that can be used in different beautiful arrangements to commemorate the occasion.

 Pink Roses

Pink roses have always been associated with love and affection, but there are some other sentiments that this flower speaks of. Gratitude, compassion and admiration are some other sentiments that sparkle from its petals. You can have a bouquet of long stem pink roses to show your support and admiration for those who have suffered and survived from breast cancer. Pink roses can also be used with some white blossom options to make a caring gesture in the form of a bouquet.


Pink Stargazer Lily

Stargazer lily is a beautiful large pink flower with its stamen and pistil pointing towards the sky giving it the name ‘stargazer’. Their appearance represents optimism and hope in face of the disease. Stargazer lilies can be used with other pink flowers to make a perfect bouquet for the occasion.



Pink Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies in pink shade are also a good option in making of bouquets to honor the breast cancer awareness month. Its large flower head, which symbolizes optimism and cheerfulness will be a pertinent present to individuals fighting the disease. Daisies in light pink shades represent admiration and compassion, so a mix of light and dark shade gerbera daisies in a bouquet will be the perfect combination to present to survivors and patients.


Pink Carnations

With their delicate and ruffled touch, these beautiful pink carnations symbolize a maternal love, according to the language of flowers. When used in bouquets for cancer awareness month, they can represent your unending love and support for patients who have been diagnosed with the disease.




Long stem pink orchids are ideal for bouquet arrangements. Orchids symbolize strength and feeling of affection, therefore they are a good choice if you wish to convey your feelings to people suffering from the disease.

The month of October has become very significant to honor survivors and victims of breast cancer, and flowers are a cordial way to show your support for the cause.

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