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Roses in different shades


Flowers in different colors symbolize different sentiments and emotions. When it comes to representing one’s emotions and feelings through a flower, no one can beat a full-bloomed rose. Roses naturally come in different shades and characterize different emotional and sentimental connotations.

In this post, we will discuss what emotions and feelings different shades of roses convey.


A white rose symbolizes many things. It represents innocence, purity of emotions, loyalty, and everlasting love. Therefore, white roses are strongly connected to wedding decorations and presents. A bouquet of white roses is also a great gift for your partner at the beginning of the relationship.


Yellow roses have an interesting journey through the centuries. They used to characterize envy and jealousy in Victorian times. Today, they symbolize a whole lot of positive emotions. From joy to care and delight to affection, you can use a yellow flower to convey all sorts of warm emotion. If you think red roses are not the right flowers to give to your friends, opt for a bouquet of yellow roses.


Orange roses make a bold statement. They are typically used to convey your passion and excitement for the recipient. They are also great to get across admiration and the feeling of being proud of to your loved ones.


What can we say about red roses? It is the only flower that packages passion, love, and desire into a single bloom. When you want to convey “I love you” through flowers, a bouquet full of red roses will do the job.


A pink rose is a manifestation of elegance and sweetness and thus conveys similar emotions in a bouquet. They also symbolize gratitude in friendships and other closed relationships.

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