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Mixed Flower Bouquet: 3 Reasons to Make It Part of Your Presents


While making a gift bucket for your loved ones, adding a flower bouquet to it is always a good idea. You don’t need to worry that your gift package with a bouquet will look out of fashion. Flowers never go out of style and are always well-received by recipients on all sorts of occasions and with all types of presents.

When making that gift bucket with a bouquet, we suggest using a mixed flower bouquet. There are multiple reasons why it will be a better option than a bouquet with only one type of focal flower.

Mixed Flowers Mean More Colors

Stuffing your gift bucket with colors always makes the gift more sparkling and animated. And what’s better than flowers to add those colors? Order a mixed flower bouquet and ask the florist to use as many colors as possible while picking the focal, secondary, and texture flowers for your mixed flower bouquet.

This party of natural colors happening in and around the foliage will act as an instant mood lifter for recipients, guaranteeing a wide happy grin on their faces.                 

Mixed Flowers Let You Convey More than One Emotions

Different flowers represent different sentiments and emotions. If you don’t want your bouquet to be limited to any single sentiment, use mixed flowers. This way, you can show love, warmth, loyalty, and many other good emotions from the same bouquet.

Mixed Flowers Create a Unique Fragrance

A mixed bouquet with different flowers creates a mix of natural fragrances. This unique fragrance will continue to permeate the recipient’s bedside for a couple of days.

If you want to make a fresh mixed flower bouquet part of your gift bucket, contact Riverside Flower Club. Here, you can find all sorts of seasonal and perennial flowers with the best presentations for event decorations and gifts.