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Join us Sept. 24th, 2017 for the Bridal Super Show!


Why flowers are the most convincing gift ever

Why are flowers the central theme of most marriages in the US? Most traditional gifts have been replaced with their more technologically advanced siblings, such as the feature phone with the smartphone, paper money with plastic money, and books with ebooks.

This really isn’t the case with flowers, and they still continue to hold a special place in our hearts. Flowers continue to be the best means for couples to showcase their love and affection to each other. The job of the florist continues to remain relevant in the current landscape dominated by technology and digital transformations.

You will be hard pressed to find a more convincing gift for your loved one than a bouquet of flowers – because nothing on the market makes up for the scent and gracefulness of flowers. Unless you can find a digital alternative to them, that is? We couldn’t find any. Could you?

We’re now featuring at the Bridal Super Show on Sept. 24, 2017!

Join us at Bride World expo, the biggest wedding expo that has been put together. And we’ll be there waiting for you to make your wedding more cost effective and stress free than you ever thought possible.

The Bride World expo is literally the best occasion for us to showcase our large range of flowers on the market. Shop on site, make arrangements for purchasing our flowers for later – or just drop by and say hello! It will be our pleasure if you just show up.

All of the products and services which you want: now in one place!

You can meet florists, wedding professionals and fashion experts in one single place. Even if you’re not serious about hiring their professional services, the expo is guaranteed to be highly informative. You don’t have to book anything to learn something new.

The Bride World expo is a great place for you to get acquainted with all the possible vendors for your wedding, checking out their products and prices and get the gist of what’s going on in the market including current trends and the latest fashions. This will definitely save you the time you would have otherwise spent going to different places for wedding planners, florists, musicians and bridal dresses.

Visiting the expo is also a great idea for those who dread carrying out relevant research for their wedding – because everything can be found at the Bride World Expo, under one roof.

Best place if you’re a new business

The Bride World expo is also the perfect place to start if you’re one of the vendors or someone who has decided to start up their own wedding business. Getting up and up on the latest trends just could not get any easier. Meet new people, win prizes and partake in giveaways – all in one place.

Besides just shopping for our flowers, you also get access to some hard-to-find items and services on the market, such as jewellery and personalized wedding monograms.