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Important Lessons That Flowers Teach Us


There’s a reason why most couples send each other bouquets of flowers rather than expensive, over-the-top gifts. Flowers embody all the pure attributes of nature – gentleness, kindness, beauty and steadfastness against all odds.

Every facet of nature has a story to tell and a life lesson to impart to curious observers – from sturdy boring looking rocks to the far-reaching heights of tree branches, there is a hidden story which needs to be explored. You just need to pique your interest and look beyond the surface.

When you’ve been working with flowers for a long time, you tend to gain insight into what makes them tick against their natural enemies – whether it is the lack of sunlight, nutrition from the soil, the continued assault from persistent pests or persevering against the uncooperative weather, flowers impart powerful lessons to those who like thinking outside the box.

Here are five such lessons that we think flowers perfectly embody:

1) Patience

Whether it be the cold of the winter or the heat of the summer, flowers continue to linger on the rope of life despite being forgotten and rejected by their caregivers – clinging patiently to their roots beneath the soil to once again bloom into the sunlight after weathering a painful, lonely storm.

2) Where there is a will, there is a way

One can often find a flower growing out of place in the most unexpected of spots. Whether it is on the side of the curb or in tiny cracks appearing on street corners, they push their way through the rigid obstacles while still retaining their innocence, unmarred by the difficulty of their tests.

3) Hope

 They continue to grow where possible, not giving in to the difficult trials of life – putting up a tough fight despite all the odds that may be stacked up against them. Fearless against the possibility of death and their impending doom, they don’t always win, but even their failures impart lifelong lessons in hope.

4) Don’t judge a book by its cover

A tiny plant isn’t really that tiny. It has strong, powerful roots beneath it, which stretch for long distances in the earth. Pulling it out will reveal to you that there is more to the tiny plant than what you first assumed. It is the same with people, there is more to them than meets the eye. They might look frail and weak, but often have the bravery of a lion.

5) Everyone is built differently

Flowers come in different shapes, sizes, colors, scents and have their own strengths, weaknesses and demons. It doesn’t matter how sturdy one plant might be compared to another, they all have a part to play in their own unique way. The best thing about flowers is their sheer diversity. Aren’t humans the same? Each person contributes to the world in their own special way. Traits such as strength, intelligence, mobility, adaptability and leadership are distributed differently amongst each individual. The world will look bland if everyone looked and behaved the same.

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