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How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Your Students’ Graduation


Flowers have always been a hallmark of every major event in life, be they birthdays or weddings. And so it is with graduation – one of the most momentous and joyous times in the life of a student. It’s a time for celebration, and there isn’t anything like flowers to add to the mood of the day. Additionally, flowers can have great sentimental value later on in life as well, as students often keep some of the petals in scrapbooks, or frame them with pictures from the graduation. If you’re trying to figure out what kind of flowers you should give your student, read on.

What form of arrangement should the flowers be in?

Some flowers are especially meant to mark a person’s accomplishments, and are given in order to congratulate them or recognize their hard efforts. Leis fall into this category. The beauty of leis lies in their flexibility; they can be created from orchids, roses, carnations, and if the fancy strikes you, even leaves. It is common to use orchids for this purpose, so if you don’t want a lei garland, you can just give the graduate a bouquet of orchids to offer them congratulations.

Corsages and boutonnieres are also traditional gifts to give the graduate before the ceremony. Of course, it can be extremely difficult to choose when there’s so much variety! We recommend going with your graduate’s favorite color or flower.

What color should the flowers be?

There are three routes you can go down when it comes to the color of the flower. You could select flowers to match the school’s official colors. This is a sure fire pleaser, since you’ll also match the school’s own festive spirit. Plus, it’s extremely easy to get matching flowers. Flowers like roses, tulips and carnations already come in a wealth of colors so you should be able to select the appropriate shades with minimum fuss. And even if the school colors include a dark brown or black, you can use dark purple or maroon flowers to approximate the effect. Alternatively, if you really want to match with the dark colors, you can simply choose to dye carnations or chrysanthemums!

On the other hand, if you don’t want to go with school colors, you could instead focus on the meaning of colors. Bright colors are commonly used to represent celebration and joy. You can congratulate your graduate on their accomplishments by giving them yellow or purple flowers, which stand for success. You could also give them orange flowers to symbolize excitement and enthusiasm, or green flowers to wish them luck and signify their new beginnings in life.

Or, of course, you could just give the graduates flowers of their own personal favorite color!

What flower should I give them?

Again, you can focus on the meaning of the flowers you give your graduate. White carnations, for example, represent a wish for good luck, and peonies symbolize prosperity. Irises stand for hope and wisdom, while tropical flowers are all about the adventure new graduates are setting off for.

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