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Flowers for Dads: Why Bouquets Are a Great Father’s Day Present


When thinking about a gift for Mother’s Day, many people opt for bouquets. However, that’s not the case with Father’s Day. The opposite is true, i.e., people look for gifts other than flowers and bouquets for Father’s Day.

A bouquet is a great gift for Father’s day just like it is a great gift for any other close relationship and celebration. On the upcoming Father’s Day, you should give your dad a beautiful bouquet for all these reasons.

Men Love Flowers Too

It is about time that we stop confining floral gifts to a particular gender. To an extent, flawed social constructs may have contributed to people not considering that flowers are appropriate gifts for men as they aren’t “manly.” The visual beauty and olfactory pleasantness of a flower are universal. People of every age, language, and gender love flowers.

Don’t just assume your father won’t like a bouquet. Get a stunning Father’s Day-themed bouquet made from a seasoned florist and present it to your old man. He will surely love it.

It Will Be a Pleasant Surprise

You might have already run out of gift ideas for Father’s Day. From ties and wallets to shirts and shoes, there is a predictable set of gifts supposed to be “fatherly gifts.” You need to break out of that tradition and come up with a surprise of a bouquet. Among all those expected gifts, your stunning bouquet or flower box will turn into a pleasant surprise for your father.

You Can Effectively Convey Your Emotions

As discussed many times in these posts, flowers convey emotions— sometimes more effectively than words. If you don’t want to write a note or present a monologue to your father about your feelings for him, use the medium of flowers to convey those feelings.

To get the best bouquet for your dad on this Father’s Day, get in touch with seasoned florists at Riverside Flower Club. At this florist outlet, you can get ready-made as well as custom bouquets and flower boxes for your loved ones at reasonable prices.