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Things to Consider for a Floral Arrangement at a Funeral


Flowers have an interesting exposition. On the one hand, they let you double down the cheerfulness of events. On the other hand, you also use them to convey your emotions during a somber event of a funeral. Floral arrangements at a funeral let you show your love for the departed soul in the congregation of all the friends and family.

If you don’t want things to look out of place with floral arrangements at a funeral, take these things into account.

Carefully Choose the Colors

Usually, people choose white for floral arrangements at a funeral. The color white represents well wishes as well as grief. However, there is no rule to stick to white flowers only. You can also use other flowers for the arrangement as long as they don’t have brighter shades. Since no other shade symbolizes the mourning as black floral arrangements, you may ask your florist about incorporating black flowers.

Consider the Type of Funeral

Is it a burial or cremation? Will the services be offered indoors or outdoors? You need to factor in the type of funeral when ordering a funeral arrangement for it. If you are confused, consult a seasoned florist. They will guide you in picking the right floral arrangement for all types of funerals.

Factor in Religious, Cultural, and Personal Context

Find out which flowers were important to the deceased and are considered sacred in their religion and culture. Adding those flowers to the funeral floral arrangement will add depth to it. You can pick the deceased person’s favorite flowers for the arrangement as well.

If you need help with floral arrangements for a funeral in Riverside, get in touch with a seasoned florist at Riverside Flower Club. They will ensure you can have the most appropriate floral arrangement at the funeral of your loved ones.