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Color Therapy and the Use of Flowers


Color therapy is an alternative treatment regimen that strongly believes in the therapeutic effects of different chromatic shades and hues. Color therapy is primarily used for the treatment of issues associated with mental health. Even if you don’t believe in color therapy, you would agree that colors possess the power to affect your mood.

Flowers are the best display of natural colors. They can prove to be an effective tool for harnessing positive energy. Here, we will list down some flowers for different colors that you can use in containers, boxes, and bouquets for your preferred therapy session.


Red is considered a shade to treat lethargy and tiredness in color therapy. Its continuous exposure also inculcates a pioneering spirit and courage in a person. You can get the stimulating and energizing vibes of red by using roses, dahlia, and red poppies.


Blue is considered a color of healing and bringing inner peace. Blue brings stability and improves one’s spiritual strength. Hydrangea, iris, forget-me-not, and clematis are some of the naturally blue floral shades you can use to restore your inner peace.


Yellow color treatment helps you improve self-awareness and build self-control. It also brings warmth and energy. Sunflowers, yellow dahlias, and pansies are some of the common blossoms you can use for the yellow treatment.


Purple exhibits a strong calming effect that can shed everyday stress and anxiety. Tulips, lavenders, and bellflowers can serve you as the purple force you need to attain inner calm and higher consciousness.

Similarly, you can use different floral species for different color treatments. For green, you can pick from a range of perennials. For a pink treatment, azaleas, carnations, and cherry blossoms could be useful.

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