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Carnation decoration


If you take note of floral decorations at events and can identify flowers by their shapes, you would agree that it’s hard to find one without carnations. Carnations are a perfect choice for floral decorations for many reasons. In this post, we will try to answer what makes carnations a go-to flower for floral decorations for all sorts of events all around the world.

They Are Available in a Range of Colors

Colors are the biggest feature of floral decoration, and carnations fulfill this requirement like no other. You can get carnation in all different shades, like red, pink, orange, yellow, and purple. You can even find variegated carnations that boast two colors in the same bloom.

They are Voluminous

After color, it is the volume that makes carnations a go-to flower for decorations. Carnations have dense bulbs full of petals. You can get better floral coverage by using carnation as compared to any other flower.

They Can Blend in With Other Flowers Quite Well

Carnations are also great for floral decorations because their presence doesn’t clash with other flowers. If a seasoned florist is doing the decoration, they can create seamless pieces of decorations with other flowers, including roses, lilies, and tulips. They can even make carnations work with sunflowers.

They Don’t Decay Too Fast

Flowers are delicate by nature. They get even more vulnerable when they are cut. However, carnations fare slightly better among its fraternity in that sense. Even a cut carnation after undergoing the decoration work maintains its shape and fragrance. This longevity comes in quite useful when floral decoration has to be there for hours in not-so-friendly conditions (for flowers).

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