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A kitchen island with flowers


Kitchen islands have become one of the most popular things in interior remodeling plans. Many people opt for these islands to expand their kitchen to the living room without shrinking its square footage. If you already have a kitchen island and thinking of doing its décor, consider using fresh flowers.

These are some reasons why your kitchen island should have flowers.

You Can Decorate Your Living Room and Kitchen Room at the Same Time

As mentioned earlier, a kitchen island is often a shared article between the living room and kitchen. Therefore, when you will decorate the island with fresh flowers, it will be a décor for both the living room and kitchen space.  A vase full of fresh flowers will make its presence felt across the combined area of the living room and kitchen.

Those flowers will also grab the attention of anyone entering the house. Moreover, fresh flowers will infuse positive vibes in that part of the house where everyone spends the major chunk of family time.

It Will Improve Your Kitchen Experience

Working in a kitchen, especially during Californian summers, gets quite cumbersome. In those tiring working conditions, you can use some flowers with fresh colors and fragrances to take the edge off of that hardship.

It Is Sustainable Decoration

Every piece of décor made in a factory or workshop entails a carbon footprint. That is not the case with fresh flowers. Their cultivation involves minimal to no greenhouse emissions, making it an eco-friendly option for your kitchen island decoration.

If you need bouquets and boxes of fresh flowers of the season for your Kitchen Island in Riverside, California, get in touch with Riverside Flower Club. There, you can find flowers and their combinations in line with colors that you want to see on your kitchen island.