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6 Popular Pink Wedding Flowers


Pink is arguably the most popular wedding color. Trends come and go but pink never goes out of fashion in wedding decorations. For that matter, you are bound to spot pink flowers in the floral decorations adorning most wedding venues.

Whether pink is the primary color theme of your wedding or it’s a small part of the overall décor plan, these six pink flowers will be a nice fit in the decorations for your big day.

1) Pink Roses

We are starting out from the most obvious floral pink option for any wedding celebration, Pink Roses. These pink beauties are suitable for commemorating any happy occasion. You can use them in an all-pink theme by garlanding the walkways with Pink Roses on both sides. This will certainly give a heavenly aura to your celebrations.

On the other hand, pink roses can also be used in pastel decorations alongside other light-color flowers. Besides providing a natural pink feel to the setting, Pink Roses will also perfume the venue with their natural fragrance.

2) Pink Peonies

If there is a large wedding venue and its primary decoration consists of flowers, then the organizers would need voluminous floral options that can fill up the decoration space in fewer blossoms. If that’s the case and the color theme is any shade of pink, then we would suggest that you go with Pink Peonies as the main flowers for your decoration.

Pink Peonies are available in more than one shade. So, you can make chromatic variations from the same flower dispatch. Additionally, its numerous petals layered upon one after the other gives a dynamic touch to the overall decoration.

3) Pink Amaryllises

Amaryllis is usually associated with Christmas. However, the pink variant of this flower with ombré shading can be easily fit into any pink-themed wedding decoration. Their arched petals and protruding pistils give an inherent encrusted look to the flower. This can come in really handy in any decorative work.

Pro-Tip: Use Pink Amaryllis with Guelder-Rose in wedding decorations and bouquets for a joyful display.


4) Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are another voluminous floral option that can facilitate extensive floral decoration. Hydrangeas usually grow in different pastel colors in a bunch of tiny flowers. Pink hydrangeas are usually cultivated in a highly alkaline environment.

5) Carnations

Carnations are another simple yet elegant pink floral option that can easily incorporate into wedding decorations.  Carnations have a regal appearance as its petals seem to be majestically folded into a flower. If you want to give the venue a pink treatment with floral options that can mix both contemporary and classic vibes, then we would advise you to decorate the pedestals, entrance, and podiums with lots of pink carnations.

6) Camellias

Camellia is another flower that grows in different pink shades, depending on the soil environment. For winter and early spring weddings, when many popular wedding flowers face shortages, you can easily get your hands on Camellias because they grow all year round.

Pink is a color that signifies beauty, romance, and commitment. Pink flowers symbolize all these emotions in a way that can’t be matched. This is the reason why pink flowers will forever be called wedding flowers.