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5 Tips to Keep Your Bouquets Last Longer


Many people don’t consider bouquets a worthy gift due to their short shelf life. Some say, “what is the point of getting a bouquet when its flowers are going to die within a day or two.” People who know how to keep bouquets last for longer know that it’s not the case. If done right, a bouquet can stay fresh for weeks.

Some things you need to take care of to keep your bouquet alive with its presentation and fragrance for a long time.

1.     Cut the Stems

You need to cut the stems an inch or two before placing the bouquet into a vase or container filled with water. Try to keep that cut angular, because it will improve the water intake of the stem that will consequently keep the flowers fresh for an extended period.

2.     Remove the Dead Flowers and Extra Foliage

Free the bouquet from unnecessary weight. Identify the wilting flowers and the extra foliage, especially down the stem and remove it before placing the bouquet in water.

3.     Change the Water Every Two Days

Many people just put the bouquet in a vase and forget to change its water. If you want the bouquet to last longer, you need to change the water after every two days. Also, occasionally put one tablet of crushed aspirin or a quarter teaspoon of bleach in the water to maintain a perfect chemical balance for flower stems.

4.     Keep It in the Fridge Overnight

Before going to bed, put the bouquet in the fridge. The low-temperature treatments keep flowers fresh.

5.     Protect from Direct Sunlight and Heat

Vegetation in your bouquet doesn’t need sunlight and heat any longer. Therefore, avoid putting the bouquet in places exposed to direct sunlight.

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