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5 Things You Need to Know About Picking the Right Wedding Florist




One can’t even imagine wedding celebrations without flowers. If we particularly talk about the decoration of a wedding venue, then floral elements make up the most part of it. From the podium, pedestals to the entrance, everything is embellished with flowers. Finding a right florist is always a major undertaking of any wedding plan since the right floral arrangement adds up to the overall memory of the occasion. For that matter, it is important to factor in these five things while picking a wedding florist.

The Florist Should be in Close Vicinity of the Location

Online shopping has made distances immaterial, but when it comes to picking a florist, it’s always better to go for someone that is in close vicinity of the venue. There are several reasons why you should choose a local florist.

  • He will be better able to do detail work at the venue
  • You might get a cut on delivery charges
  • You can avoid last minute décor frenzy

Pick the Florist that Can Fulfill Your Style Requirements

Many florists claim to be expert in all various wedding floral themes. However, that’s not true in most of the cases. Therefore, we would suggest you to have a thorough look on their catalog and past work to determine whether or not they can fulfill the provisions of your desired floral theme.

For instance, some florists are good in dealing with wedding décor primarily centered on greenery. Then there are others who can play around pastel flowers quite creatively. So, make sure your wedding florist has the expertise and experience that you really want for the wedding floral decoration.

Keep in Mind the Availability Factor

Many people commit a mistake of leaving floral decoration for the last minute. As a result, they couldn’t find a seasoned florist and have to put up with some rookie. If you are getting married during peak season, then make sure you start looking for florists in 4-5 months in advance. Keep in mind that any professional florist doesn’t book more than one event per day to make it certain that he can give his 100%.

Reviews and Referrals

If you haven’t booked a florist before, then reviews and referral are a good way to find a good one. However, it is important to take online reviews with a pinch of salt since they often entail extremely polarizing statements. Some are calling a florist service best in the world and others are falling short of words to describe their poor services. In contrast, referrals from the people you know in person are a much better way to find a good florist.

Customized or Readymade Packages

This is another thing that you must take into account while picking a florist. There are some florists that offer only readymade packages. This means their wedding décor will include a preset number of centerpieces and bouquets in a given category of flowers. On the other hand, some also offer customization of these features. So, first settle on the type of package you are looking for and then pick the florist accordingly.

By picking a right florist for the job, you can at least write off one concern from the long list of wedding chores.