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5 Things to Know When Choosing the Right Boutonnieres for Your Wedding


A boutonniere is a tiny component of formal apparel that can make a huge statement if it is designed and then carried in the right manner. If you don’t know what we are talking, then this article is definitely meant for you. By the end of it, you will have some good information about dressing for grooms.

 What are Boutonnieres?

‘Boutonnieres’ is a French word that means ‘buttonhole’. A boutonniere is a flower or a bunch of flowers that are pinned above the left lapel of the suit or tuxedo, particularly on formal occasions.  In wedding events, a boutonniere is a symbol used to set apart groom and groomsmen from the other male guests.

Grooms often wear a unique boutonniere to stand apart among every other man. There are a few things that should be kept in mind while picking a boutonniere for your big day.

Five Important Things Regarding Boutonniere Selection

These five things should be taken care of while picking boutonnieres for your wedding.

1) Cost

According to some estimation, up to 10 percent of the total wedding budget goes into floral decoration. So, keep this factor in mind while choosing boutonnieres. If you want boutonnieres only for immediate family and friends, then you will have room for spending on some lavish options. Peonies and tropical orchids will fit well in your budget if you just want a limited number of boutonnieres.

However, if you plan on presenting boutonnieres to each and every male guest, then it’s better to go with carnations or roses. Also, remember that designing a good boutonniere requires expert handcrafting skills. So, procuring boutonnieres will also involve labor cost.

2) Flower

For a groom, the boutonniere should be made from a flower that is also in the bridal bouquet.  Moreover, seasoned florists recommend that the groom and his groomsmen opt for heavy flowers that can maintain their shape in boutonnieres for more than a couple of hours. Tulips and hydrangeas, for instance, are tricky options for boutonnieres since they can wither and wilt within an hour or two.

3) Color

As a rule of thumb, the color of boutonnieres should match with the rest of the décor theme at the venue. If the venue is draped in all pastel hues, then boutonniere flowers should also have a similar color.  However, the groom’s boutonniere can have a flower of any color for the sake of distinction.

4) Style

Boutonnieres should also complement the outfits. For example, a suit tailored on minimalistic aesthetics can carry an intricately designed boutonniere for a compelling contrast.

5) Modifications

Apart from floral components, a boutonniere can incorporate some other accents too. The selection of these accents depends on the wedding theme and personal preferences.  Feathers, gold pins, for instance, are some popular boutonniere accents.

We would highly recommend you to have a boutonniere on your wedding attire to effortlessly add a layer of personality, interest, and color.