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5 Things Every Future Bride should know about Choosing Wedding Flowers


Any bride is going to want her wedding day to be absolutely perfect, from the dress to the decoration. And there isn’t anything like flowers to turn a wedding into a bright and vibrant affair. However, there’s a lot of stress involved in making the right decision about what flower arrangements to choose. If your big day is coming up, look to these tips to make the best possible choice for yourself.

1)   Have an overall vision for what you want the wedding to look like

Visualize the entire room with the centerpieces and table settings, as well as the guests standing in it. If the room has a great scenic view, don’t go for large centerpieces that will block that.

2)   Be in constant communication with your florist

First of all, do some research to figure out what florists in your area consistently produce great results. Talk with family and friends, or get recommendations from other sources you trust. Ideally, you should speak with as many different vendors as you can before you book one of them, so you can better understand what your average budget should be.

Once you’ve made your choice, make sure the florist is always in the loop regarding your expectations and grand vision, your preferences and dislikes. It’s a good idea to show the florist pictures of the kind of look you want. However, do be open to suggestions the florist makes; after all, they’re the experts here! A little flexibility with ideas could turn out to be what makes your wedding totally bloom. Try to not fixate on having a certain kind of flower at the wedding. Instead, communicate with your florist so the specific flowers go along with the theme and overall color scheme.

3)   Make sure the bridal bouquet highlights the dress

The bouquet is probably the most important floral arrangement at a wedding, considering that the bride carries it around the whole day. It’s important to always choose the wedding dress first, since the bouquet needs to coordinate with the dress instead of clashing with it. If your dress is intricately embroidered and detailed, it’s usually better to go with a smaller bouquet that won’t just draw attention away from it. A larger bouquet would be more appropriate if your dress is simpler. Make sure to bring a picture of the dress to show your florist so they know what they have to work with in terms of color coordination.

4)   Use more than one color

It’s usually better to go for contrast instead of simply choosing one color across the board. The use of accents and contrast tends to create more popping pictures. Use a color that accentuates the bridesmaids’ dresses instead of matching them.

5)   Pay attention to the table linens

Your table linens complement and complete the entire look of the centerpieces placed on top of them. So it’s important to ensure that the centerpieces don’t end up clashing with whatever they’re placed on. Coordinate with your florist to decide what type of underlays, overlays or runners would best suit the flowers you’ve selected.

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