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5 Romantic Facts About Roses That You Will Want to Know for Your Anniversary


Your anniversary is around the corner and you’re not sure about how to make it memorable without going overboard. Might we suggest a time-tested option like Roses?

You might be wondering how clichéd this suggestion is. Yes, Roses have a very clichéd connection with the expression of romance. However, we are going to break down and unravel this longstanding association of Roses and romance through five different facts.

1.    The Connection Between Red and Rose

Colors have their own language and there is no color as extreme and full of expressions as dark red. It is used to get across strong emotional impulses like anger, violence, passion, and seduction. Red roses have the exact hue that sparks the feeling of affection and desire. We still don’t know whether it’s our natural inclination or centuries of social construction that makes us react to red Roses as if they are the visceral ingredient in the expression of love.

2.    Roses: The Primary Symbol of Victorian Era Romance

Victorian Era is not just about buildings and clothing aesthetics. For romantic language and expressions, the Victorian Era is considered a gold standard. Historians tell us that Roses generally became the leading floral expression of romance during the reign of Queen Victoria. Victorian couples would exchange red Roses during courtship to convey their intimate feelings for each other.

3.    Romans Consider Roses the Sign of Intimacy

Romans ruled the world for thousands of years. They also developed an intimate bond with roses. It has been chronicled that affluent Romans would make their wedding beds with roses to infuse the feeling of intimacy, comfort and to create a fragrant environment for passionate moments.

4.    Rose Fruit:  A Tonic for the Romance

There are many intrinsic and extrinsic factors that can strain a relationship. Problems like depression and low-libido are considered one of the major deal breakers. Rosehip or Rose Haw is an accessory fruit of the Rose plant that has aphrodisiac and antidepressant properties. While fully-bloomed rose flowers have an instant effect on the mood, its fruit can be used as a tonic to rejuvenate the romantic equation with your significant other.


5.    Roses and Different Romantic Expressions

Red Roses with certain changes indicate different romantic expressions. For instance, Rose of dark red or burgundy hue is used to convey the intimate expression to an unaware beauty. On the other hand, a red Rose without thrones represents love at first sight. A single red Rose simply says “I love you”.

Rose bouquets with yellow and red blossoms are an acknowledgment of a joyful relationship. The combination of red and white Roses represents enduring love and expresses the promise of an everlasting bond.

While using the language of Roses for putting across romantic expressions to your partner, it would be better to reinforce the message by a card with few handwritten lines coming straight from the heart.