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4 Reasons that Make Rose a Timeless Flower


Different eras, regions, and civilizations have their favorite and popular flowers. But there is one flower that transcends all those considerations. It has been around for over 35 million years and is still as popular as it was at any other point in time.

We are talking about roses— the ultimate flower, the floral king. Let’s try to understand how roses have acquired this status of being a timeless flower.

1.     The Perfect Combination of Shape, Color, and Texture

The radial shape of a rose is formed by two or three layers of curl-up and curl-under petals. Its texture is veined yet boasts a silky and velvety touch. Furthermore, its rich, saturated hues give the pistil a further uplift. No manual outlines the shape, color, and texture requirements of a perfect flower. But when we see a fully bloomed rose, it seems like nature has followed a guideline to create a perfect flower.

2.     Comparatively Easy to Grow

Usually, flowers that boast stunning visual appeal are hard to grow due to tricky climate requirements, delicate plantation, and various other factors. However, that’s not the case with the majority of rose species. They are cultivated in every region and all year round.

3.     Their Scent Is Second to None

Usually, flowers with a stunning visual appeal are not known for giving amazing scents; tulips are one such example of this. Roses are one of those rare floral species where the scent complements the flower’s visual presentation. The relaxing and restorative smell of roses contains undertones of apple clove, violets, lemon, and many other pleasant odors.

4.     They Have Always Been Part of Arts and Literature

Roses are also timeless because they have remained a part of the collective human consciousness through works of art and literature.

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