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4 Best Floral Gifts for Summer 2021


There is nothing quite like a bouquet brimming over with gorgeous flowers. With their alluring fragrances and striking hues, bouquets and flower boxes make a perfect summer gift.

Bouquets and flower boxes are some of the best floral gifts for summer you can give to commemorate the occasion, whether that occasion is a friend’s wedding, an anniversary, or a birthday.

A Bouquet of Fresh Dahlias

Dahlia blooms in a wide range of saturated colors all across the country during the summer months. Dahlias have a roundish pistil with a good volume of petals. When arranged in a bouquet without assorted fillers and green, they make a stunning floral display that has the power to uplift the mood right away.

A Carnation Affair

Like dahlias, carnations are also dense blooms with a roundish border. Their pink, white, and red tufted pistils with their sweet and clove-like undertones are a perfect match for a summer bouquet.

A Sunflower and Rose Crossover

If there was an official summer flower, it would be a sunflower. Bright ray florets and dark disk florets along with a tall green stem make sunflowers a standout in any bouquet, floral box, or container.

A container of sunflowers and roses with some daisies accenting the overall presentation can be a great floral gift for summer events and occasions.

A Tulip Treat

Although tulips start blooming in spring, you can find fresh tulips throughout summer. Tulips can be found in almost every color of the spectrum. You can even get a single tulip bloom with multiple hues. Their elongated pistils and spicy apple-like aroma with their colors are a perfect fit for bouquets and flower boxes in summer.

At Riverside Flower Club, you can get your floral gifts customized for the season. You can also choose a perfect summer floral gift for your loved ones from our special summer bloom arrangements.