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3 Reasons Flowers Make a Great Gift for Kids


When one thinks about buying a gift for kids, they either think about giving them their favorite toys or goodie bag full of treats. Some people also go for stuff that helps children with cognitive growth in a fun way.

However, no one thinks of a bunch of flowers as a perfect gift for kids. We think flowers also make a great gift for kids for these reasons.

1.     Flowers Are Colorful

Kids love colorful and animated stuff. That’s one reason why they are fond of cartoons and comic books. A bouquet or box of flowers with blossoms of every hue has that appealing color scheme. Many kids will be excited to accept something full of colors that also smells good is different from the other gifts they usually receive.

2.     Flowers Help in Developing Nature’s Love in Children

When you gift flowers to kids, also tell them about the “backstory” of flowers. By backstory, we mean you should tell them how they grow in nature. Also, provide the details of the flowers used in the bouquet they receive. Tell them why flowers have these unique colors and how these colors come about.

All this information will help kids develop an interest in botany and a love for nature. A nature-loving kid is more likely to grow into an eco-conscious adult.

3.     Maintaining a Bouquet Will Teach a Thing or Two to kids

Bouquet maintains their look and fragrance for weeks if maintained properly. Give kids a fun challenge to preserve the gift they receive and help them with the things they need to do (putting it in a vase filled with water, re-trimming the stems, keeping it away from direct sunlight and heat, etc). Actively maintaining a bouquet for a couple of weeks will subtly teach kids about punctuality and discipline.

Get in touch with Riverside Flower Club and order a bouquet for kids for their birthday or any other special occasion. You can rest assured that your kid will love a gift designed by our floral artisans.