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10 Wedding Flowers Dos and Don’ts Every Bride Should Know


Flowers are an indispensable component of any wedding decor. They are pretty, fragrant and add an element of nature to the wedding aesthetics at a really reasonable price. To pull off floral decorations properly without any issues, we are going to put down 5 Dos and 5 Don’ts regarding wedding flowers.

Five Dos

1) Look for Inspiration

In order to get the decoration right, it is important to research on the internet and in magazines regarding different floral arrangements and what’s in trend. With prior exploration, you will be able to pick the right florist and decoration theme when the time comes.

2) Be Realistic on the Monetary Front

Even though flower decorations are not that pricey, they can turn into an expensive affair if you want a flower-heavy venue. A wedding venue garlanded with lots of Roses, Peonies, and Orchids can make up a big chunk of your total budget. So, keep in mind the amount you are willing to spend on the decorations before picking the themes and types of flowers.

3) Use Flowers for Accenting

With the right flower pick, you can go for the floral accenting of the venue and other related things within your prescribed budget. From tables to the gateway car, many things can be accented through flowers. In fact, flowers are relatively inexpensive when compared to other accent articles.

4) Hire a Florist That Can Understand Your Vision

It is important that you pick a florist that can understand your vision regarding the decoration and can add to it without making things financially and aesthetically strained.

5) Choose Multiple Colors

It is important that you choose more than one color for the floral arrangement. It will give more room to the florist for adding more layers to the decoration. Multiple selections might also help in keeping the budget low.

Five Don’ts

1) Blindly Going for a Look

Keep in mind that pictures of floral wedding arrangements can be really misleading. Don’t just blindly follow an outline that you once saw in a magazine or a blog. Go through such decoration ideas with a seasoned florist first. They can rightly advise you if a certain floral look can be achieved in reality or not.

2) Doing the Decorations on Your Own

You might love to make bouquets and other floral designs. However, wedding decorations are a different ballgame altogether. So, we won’t recommend a bride-to-be to exhaust herself in such an extensive job right before the big day.

3) Worrying About Preservation

Don’t get yourself restless about the preservation of wedding flowers, particularly bouquets. Preservation of such a large amount of flowers can be really expensive. Instead, you can preserve the memories of the big day in high definition with contemporary video and photography services.

4) Going for Out-of-Season Flowers

Make sure that you know which flowers bloom in the month you are going to marry. Otherwise, get ready to pay hefty premiums on the flowers or for a last-minute change of plan that can undo the entire decoration.

5) Forgetting Flowers for Men

While procuring flowers for the bride and bridesmaids, don’t forget the boutonnières for the groom and his best men.

By keeping in mind these 10 dos and don’ts, you can manage the floral decoration of your wedding in the best possible manner.