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10 Useful Floral Arrangements Tips from Experts


Flowers are essential elements for all events and festivities. The preferences of people arranging the event are kept in mind to make the right flower choice. When decorating home for any event, floral arrangement is usually considered to take up most of the time. However, through proper planning, it is possible to reduce the time required. Expert professionals are aware of the arrangement patterns and make the place fascinating. However, you must know about the basic rules of floral arrangement if you intend to try DIY methods.

 Following expert tips can make your event even better:

  • Cutting Flowers:

    Large flowers should be trimmed so that multiple flowers can be placed in a bowl. It is recommended to use a florist scissors as they can cut stems and flowers more effectively. Always cut stems in diagonal shape so that they can suck more amount of water.

  • Choosing Vase:

    Use tall opaque vases to hide messy stems from sight. However, you can place well-cut flowers as centerpieces. The vases kept on dinner table should be moderate in height so that they don’t interfere with conversations.

  • Treating Stems:

    If flowers have started looking gloomy, then put their stem in hot boiling water for 30 seconds. Do not exceed the time limit, otherwise they will start cooking. The stems should be long enough to keep flowers safe from steam.

  • Submerge Flowers:

    Keep your flower stems immersed in water. Add a little amount of sugar and bleach to water, in order to keep them fresh for long. This technique keeps them safe from the threats of bacteria.

  • Use Clean Vases:

    Keep flowers in a clean vase or bowl. Dirty decoration pieces negatively impact the beauty of flowers. Invest some time to make your vases sparkling clean. Wash them with bleach and rinse thoroughly to remove any stains.

  • Keep Away from Heat:

    Make sure that the flowers and stem are not in direct contact with heat. For outdoor arrangements, use flowers that can stay fresh for long. Keep them dipped in water, and add water frequently to retain freshness.

  • Arrange At Moderate Height:

    Keep a majority of the flower vases at medium bar height. Bouquets hanging from the top do not look attractive. Verify their height by checking from the angle of table and chair.

  • Arrange from All Angles:

    Make sure that the flowers look good from all angles. Guests can sit anywhere and they should be pleased with the arrangement wherever they are present.

  • Clip Excess Objects:

    Clip flowers, plants and weeds of the backyard to make them even. Do not remove them completely. Instead you can cut extra leaves and flowers.

  • Focus on Colors:

    Use flowers in  different colors that go well with each other. The theme of the event should be considered while choosing the flowers. Use different flowers and leaves with varying color, texture and style.

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