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10 Secrets for Mastering the Art of Flower Arrangements


People love stunning floral decorations. Some decorations catch the imaginations of some creative folks and they strive to pull off such decorations on their own. Deep down, they appreciate the craft of floral decorations and want to learn more. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 secrets that can help anyone master the art of flower arrangement while creating decorations that can last longer.

1) Use Water to Preserve Them

Putting flowers in water as soon as you bring them home can prolong their freshness for a long time. Before adding flowers in the vase, put some lukewarm water and add some preservatives.

2) Trim

You can easily give your floral arrangement a professional touch with a simple trim. Get rid of extra stems and leaves hanging below the water line before arranging flowers in the decorative pattern.


3) Use Warm Water for Full Bloom

Flowers such as rose and buttercups often don’t bloom to their fullest. As a result, they go on to exhibit dullness in the decoration as well. To ensure that flower heads open fully, one should leave their stems in lukewarm water for a day or two.

4) Use Florist’s Foam

In order to preserve flowers in decorations for a long time, use florist’s foams. Soak it in water for a couple of minutes and then fit in the decoration container. This simple arrangement can extend the freshness of floral decoration by many days. Don’t forget to water the foam once in a while.

5) Cut a Bit of the Stem

Many times people bring flowers but they sag and lose their gleam even before becoming part of the decoration. To avoid this, cut an inch or half of the stem and get rid of its blunt end. With a sharp fresh cut, the stem will have better water absorption.

6) Set the Large Flowers First

While arranging a floral decoration, always make the foundation with large flowers and add small ones in the available space. This arrangement will allow for every flower to create its unique presence.

7) Focus on Monochromatic Arrangements

Stacking flowers of various colors together don’t always look the way you want them to. Instead, use flowers with different contrast of the same color in a single arrangement. Such floral arrangement is easy to pull off.

8) Keep the Arrangement Tall

While setting the bunch of flowers in an arrangement, make sure that their overall length remains longer than the decoration container.

9) Make the Most of Leaves and Stems

Flowers are undoubtedly the centerpiece of any floral decoration. But don’t forget that the right filling of stems and leaves is equally important for floral arrangements, particularly the ones with larger spans. Use stems and leaves in the remaining spaces and also outline the container and other adjoining facades with them.

10) Keep the Heat Away

Remember that cut flowers don’t require sunlight. Heat is also good for them. So, keep them away from sun and heating vents for prolonged freshness.

By taking care of flower decorations through these secrets, you can handle flowers with florist-like expertise.