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10 Most Popular Wedding Flowers in Season This Summer


Among so many different flowers that bloom naturally in their respective seasons, it is difficult to pick the correct one when it comes to picking flowers for your wedding. There are a lot of factors that are considered before picking the flowers for your wedding floral palette, such as the color, the care, the costs, etc.

While weddings in spring have a long list of flowers that generally bloom in that season, wedding planners and attendees might not be able to provide the same list for summer. However, there are many different types of flowers that bloom naturally in summer or all year round and are great to look at and smell. Here are the top 10 most popular wedding flowers in season this summer:




The best quality of hydrangeas is that they have a good variety of colors to offer; white, blue, pink, green, purple, etc. They are beautiful to look at and smell amazing too. Hydrangea bouquets give a gorgeous look and can set the mood for any occasion.




The beloved rose, also known to be the flower or romance, is definitely one of the best flowers. When in bloom, roses rightly signify lust and passion. Adding red or even white roses to your wedding is sure to help set a classy look for your event.




Peonies, in their natural essence, are beautiful and vibrant flowers that bloom gorgeously. The signification of peonies is a healthy fortune and a joyous marriage.






Lily is the flower of elegance undoubtedly, and is amazing in terms of scent and appearance both. Lilies signify purity and clarity, as well as passion.







These brightly colored pink flowers are well known for their significance of change and their beautiful double blooms. They make for the perfect wedding flowers.




Calla Lily

The Calla Lily, as gorgeous as it is, is also a rather expensive flower. It is one of the prettiest flowers which signify a blissful marriage, divinity and devotion. It is rather popular among brides.





Available in colors pink and white, orchids are a great flower that conveniently adds a hint of feminine panache to any occasion. The simple and delicate flowers are not even that expensive.




Spider Mum

Spider mums are well-known for their gorgeous spiderlike flare, hence the name. They are actually very cheap but can add a touch of playfulness to any bouquet.





Cosmos are a popular choice for wedding flowers and look great with any bouquet, thanks to their richly colored and pigmented petals. Although they are rather tiny in size, their vibrancy has a very happy and positive effect.



Gerbera Daisy

The Gerbera Daisy is well known due to the fact that it is in season all year round. The vibrant petals of the gerbera daisy are sure to enhance the moods and add a hint of cheerfulness to your special occasion.




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